Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | By: Audderpop (Audrie Shellhart)

Spring Break: California with Grandma and Disneyland!
On our way down: Getting our wiggles out at the rest stops. It's an 18 hour drive - we did 9 hours for two days.

Lots of night sleeping and lots of gas (about $400 worth there and back - our van did AWESOME)

We made it!
Grandma's home cooking!

Sunny and WARM! - RayVen kept saying "It's SUMMER HERE!!"

Visiting Grandpa! I miss + love you! I can't wait to see you again!

Snails in the morning

What to do now?!

GO swimming!!!

My million dollar smile guy. He always smiles like he's got a million bucks.

Creepy Matt picture bombs.  See we LOVE Grandma's patio!
Swimming to cool off!

Ducks in Grandma's pool

My million dollar smile guy. He's ALWAYS smilin'!

Except when eating toes...
My two little tourists - ready to be part of the big crowds
On the tranny

Buying our gear: Hats and autograph books

Happy no matter what!
First ride of the day

The princess arrives

Lunch time! Munchin' while our prince fights the dragon


All smiles!

Let's ride, Mr. Putters!
That's my girl, she's been wearing that hat and glasses ever since we bought them!

Into the mouth of Monstro - straight through to storybook land!

Another castle for my princess

Checkin out the world of little houses and stories

Getting ready to meet Tinkerbell!

Vidia - sassy like always!

Aurora and Tinkerbell

She was star struck

See's her "make-ups"? We got her all purdied up this morning so she could meet Tinkerbell in her best face

Tink makes sure RayVen is never unmanly

She was a flirt!

RayVen waits in line to ride the Star Tours
Cotton candy!

What's this? Jedi training for RayVen!
And my other two Star Wars boys!

Who like to look into eachothers mouths.

Darth Vader showed up!

And the storm troopers!!!

RayVen was our Jedi tour guide. He held the map and showed us the way.


Playing Peek-a-boo while waiting for Mickey!



Yay for meeting Mickey!

About to ride on a coaster

Bye bye!

Big man, little Chip n' Dale tree.

Tiana and Aurora

Belle with the gang


And a special pose for the girls

Our little girl likes to spend, spend, spend
RayVen builds his own Jedi light saber

Watch out! He'll cut off your arms!
 The Duck Park
Nobody will understand the significance behind this duck park the way our family and extended family does!

These ducks chased us up the hill. Grandma and I were laughing so hard, trying to run away and save Trenton. The geese were going to get Trentons little twinkle toes!

RayVen attempts to shoo the ducks and save Trenton's toes!
Awww, baby duck.

Lunch - hopefully duck free

 Hanging out while the kids play

More swimming - Grandma called Matt a "Dumb head" and now he lives by that name.
Except for Putters. He'd rather have a siesta

On Grandma's patio sleeping in the warmth of the day. shhhh.
 Le Brea Tar Pits and Art Museum
Robots in disguise

The booger dwellers

How did he get into the boogers? I thought he was from the other end....

I'm caught in boogers!!!

We went to Fuddruckers afterwards. 
It's kind of an old family joke. My maiden name is Rudd - and my cousin Nate had once (innocently) made the suggestion that they switch the Ru and the Fu to make it Rudd****ers... ha ha ha. Yeah, he realized pretty quickly.

Of course, we chose the Elvis table.

Back to Granny's - just hanging out - loving our time with her
Matt and I's hide a bed sleep area

Grandma and I know how to let loose

Where the kiddies slept

Along with Teddy Bear butt (Jammies thanks to Nanny and Papa)
And now we say goodbye.... *SNIFF*
My only Grandma I've ever had - she's the best Grandma EVER! I can't wait to come again!

The kids really miss her

We decided that on the way home, a second time at Chuck E. Cheese would aide our aching hearts and need for wiggles after a good 6 hours of driving.

Is that me wearing a McDonald's shirt at Chuck E. Cheeses? tsk tsk.

Chuck E. Cheese was very kind to us and let me pick at the salad bar for FREE so that Trenties could eat beans, eggs and cheese.

Back on the road, happy and tired. Aurora never takes off that hat and glasses

Easter lunch. Going out to eat on a SUNDAY since we need to eat.... eeek! We never told the kids so they wouldn't scold us!!

He wanted just one french toast and two eggs. That's my hungry kid.

 We miss you GRANDMA... too bad you'll never read this since you have no Internet!